Fair Use Policy- Effective August 27, 2014

The SaskTel Wireless Data Fair Use Policy is designed to enable SaskTel to manage its network within Saskatchewan.

Terms and Conditions 
SaskTel’s Wireless Data Fair Use Policy is subject to change from time to time in order to maintain an ongoing positive experience for all customers on SaskTel’s Wireless Network as well as on the networks of other carriers with whom SaskTel has roaming agreements. SaskTel will inform you of any changes in this policy by posting such changes to sasktel.com or communicating them to you in such other manner or medium as SaskTel determines is reasonable in the circumstances. SaskTel will endeavour to give 30 days prior notice of changes in this policy.

While on the SaskTel wireless network in Saskatchewan:

  • SaskTel reserves the right to limit throughput or the amount of data transferred, deny, suspend or terminate the service or any part, component or feature thereof, without notice, to anyone believed to be using any SaskTel provided wireless data service or feature in any manner that adversely impacts SaskTel’s network or its service levels, as determined by SaskTel.
  • SaskTel reserves the right to limit a customer’s data speeds should the customer’s total data usage exceed 6 GB in a given monthly bill cycle; for prepaid customers this is the first day of every month. This reservation applies to all wireless data plans.
  • SaskTel will endeavour to notify customers when they have reached the limit at which a customer’s data speeds will be reduced.