What is infiNET?

infiNET™ is our blazing-fast new fibre optic network. It gives you amazing speed and bandwidth, ultimate connections, and infinite potential for your home!


Blazing fast speed and unlimited bandwidth! Stream movies and videos, download tunes in a blink, send large files, host servers, and play online games like never before. All on Saskatchewan’s fastest fibre optic network!

Whether you’re a light surfer or a power user, there’s an ideal package to keep everyone in your home happy and connected.

infiNET High Speed Download
up to (Mbps)
up to (Mbps)
“Double Up”
up to (Mbps)
infiNET High Speed Classic 2 1 2
infiNET High Speed Plus 8 2 4
infiNET High Speed Extreme 20 4 8
infiNET High Speed Ultra 50 10 20
infiNET High Speed Mach 1 100 20 40
infiNET High Speed Mach 2 260 30 60

Blazing speed

Incredible speed and bandwidth to give you unlimited connections and infinite potential.

-Upload and download movies, data, and music in a fraction of the time
-Up to 260 Mbps downloading and 60 Mbps uploading
-Stream HD movies, play games, and video chat without annoying freezing, pixelation, or dropped connections
-Get unlimited downloading with no overage fees

Ultimate connections

All the HD programming you can handle with digital TV recording for your whole home.

-Watch HD shows on up to seven TVs with maxTV
-Record a show on one TV and watch it later in another room
-Get more bundling options for maxTV with even faster Internet speeds

Infinite potential

The power of fibre optics for today and tomorrow – delivered right to your door

-Continue to get access to the very best TV, Internet, and voice services
-You’ll be ready for a whole world of future new products and services