Reliable fast Internet service for rural Saskatchewan

SaskTel fusion Internet provides a constant connection with download speeds up to 10 Mbps.1

SaskTel fusion Internet is a data-only service fixed to a specific location. The service requires installation of new equipment at your location (antenna, modem, and cables) and it doesn’t use your phone lines.

Save $300 on installation
Sign up for fusion Internet today and get basic installation for only $99.99! Conditions apply.

Starting at


Plus one-time equipment and installation charge.



  • 100 GB of included monthly data2
  • No restrictions on your download speeds2
  • Won’t tie up your phone line
  • In-home Wi-Fi
  • Across the province, you’ll get free, unlimited access to selectWI-FI, the largest Wi-Fi network in Saskatchewan
  • 10 email addresses with 1 GB of mailbox space per account
  • Help when you need it with friendly, knowledgeable 24/7 help desk support

Add one fixed IP address3 for only $5/mo.

fusion Internet $79.95/month Up to 5 Mbps Up to 1 Mbps
fusion Internet with Speed Boost $99.95/month Up to 10 Mbps Up to 2 Mbps

Equipment and installation

To get up and running, fusion Internet requires the purchase and installation of specialized equipment (antenna, modem, and cables) at your location. The equipment costs $249 and includes a 1-year warranty.
For a limited time, get basic installation for only $99.99 (regularly $399.99).

Data usage

A subscription to fusion Internet includes 100 GB of data every month. If you go over 100 GB, additional data is automatically made available for an additional charge. Your connection will not be throttled. You’ll be automatically charged $20 for up to an additional 25 GB of data until you reach monthly usage of 200 GB. At that point, you can opt in to pay-per-use charges of $3/GB for continued access to your fusion Internet service. Prior to any additional charges, we’ll notify you with a text message, an email, or both to help protect you against any unwelcome surprises.
Additional data usage fees help to support network improvements so we can provide fast Internet access without restricting download speeds for heavy users. This ensures a high-quality Internet experience while making sure you only pay for the Internet service you use.

How data usage charges work

Data Price
100 GB Included in both rate plans
100-200 GB $20 per 25 GB increment (automatically applied)
Over 200 GB $3/GB (opt-in required)

Usage notifications

When you set your notification preferences using your free mySASKTEL account, you will be notified by text and/or email when you’re close to using up the 100 GB of included data as well as at each additional 25 GB of data.

Check your usage

If you’re a current fusion Internet user, you can check your fusion Internet monthly data usage from your mySASKTEL account or by going to go to from your computer to see your data usage report. Your computer must be connected to fusion Internet to access the report.

Examples: average data usage per task

Email without attachment 20 KB
Email with attachment 1.15 MB
Browse a web page 700 KB
Instant messaging 30 KB
Streaming SD video 5 MB/minute
Streaming music 1 MB/minute
Download game 50 MB
Download an app 20 MB
Download a 4-minute song 4 MB
Social media post with pictures 1.75 MB each
Video calling 2 MB/min
Please note: The above usage per task examples are estimates based on averages and could vary from actual data usage for the given task.

1 MB = 1024 KB
1 GB = 1024 MB or 1048576 KB


SaskTel fusion Internet is now available in more locations, including near Aberdeen, Allan, Balgonie, Bethune, Dundurn, Indian Head, Kelvington, Macklin, Marshall, Outlook, Pense, Porcupine Plain, Preeceville, Rabbit Lake, Silver Park, Vibank, Wakaw, Weyburn, Wynyard, and Zehner.

SaskTel fusion Internet availability is dependent on terrain and location to the tower.


1. Actual speeds online may vary during peak Internet traffic hours.

2. SaskTel High Speed fusion Internet is subject to the SaskTel Internet Acceptable Use Policy and the Non-Tariffed Products and Services Policy (pdf). A customer can see their usage during the current billing period by visiting If a customer exceeds the included 100 GB of data usage in their billing period, they will automatically be charged $20 for each additional 25 GB of data use, up to a maximum of 200 GB monthly data usage. There will be no restriction on download speeds. If the customer uses 200 GB of data in a billing period, they can opt in to get additional data at $3/GB pay per use rates by enabling consent. They can opt in permanently or just for the remainder of one billing period. If they don’t opt in, their service will be suspended for the remainder of their billing period so they don’t incur any additional data charges. Your fusion Internet data usage will reset monthly, on the first day of the billing period, and usage will start again at 100 GB of included data. Any unused data from the previous billing period will not roll over.

3. Only one static IP is available per fusion Internet service. If you require multiple static IPs, you will require multiple Fusion services. For all inbound connections using fusion Internet, a static IP is required.

4. Price reflects basic installation only. Mileage is not included in the price of basic installation. Any parts and labour which exceed what is included with basic installation will be chargeable and quoted by the Fusion dealer prior to installation. Contact a fusion Internet dealer for full details. If installation takes place between November and March, a $90 cold weather surcharge will be added to the cost of the basic installation.

SaskTel High Speed fusion Internet is available in a growing number of rural areas in the province.

Read the SaskTel Internet Services terms of service (pdf) and acceptable use policy before subscribing to any SaskTel Internet service.